Quality Control In Franchising

Stephen S. Raines
President, National Franchise Associates
Atlanta-based Franchise Marketing Specialists

In my over three decades of experience as a franchise consultant, working in franchise development and franchise management, I am often asked, “What makes one company succeed in franchise management while another doesn’t?”

Rarely is there a single reason for success in franchise management.  Here, I will examine one of the many factors that can help Franchisors create a win-win situation for their franchise management systems.

Carefully consider your on-going franchise management programs.  One key to on-going franchise management success is maintaining a focus on quality control.  Quality control leads to more successful individual locations as well as a stronger company overall.

Franchising is successful in large part because the franchisor provides a product/service and a system that can be replicated from franchise to franchise.  Customers feel comfortable patronizing different franchise locations because they believe that each location will meet their expectations for quality.

Your franchise management program will succeed only if you build in systems to make sure the customer’s experience will be duplicated at different locations.

The franchisors most successful in their franchise management efforts build quality control safeguards into their daily operating procedures.  You must carefully develop measurable standards and communicate those standards clearly to each franchisee.  In addition, you must study and refine your operating systems to ensure your franchisees provide consistent quality at every customer interaction.

In this aspect of franchise management, thorough training is vital.  Each franchisee must be properly trained.  Each franchisee, in turn, must ensure that all employees of the franchise location fully understand and perform their responsibilities.  Every representative of the entire franchise organization must strive to meet the franchisor’s standards.  Only then can your franchise management system reach its true potential.